Friday, June 3, 2011

Style Illuminated

First let me just say that I never win anything. Ever. At my last full-time job we had an annual holiday party where everyone was supposed to win something- even the floral centerpieces were up for grabs. And somehow, I still didn't win anything. That  being said, I couldn't be more excited about the fact that I am a semi-finalist in a contest being held by Lamps Plus to find a name for their design blog. My idea was to call it Style Illuminated, and is one of five choices to vote on from now until June 8th. So, my darling followers, can I ask a favor? Head on over to Their Facebook page and vote for "Style Illuminated" to win! And tell your friends to vote for me too!!! Pretty Please!

The prize is a $250 shopping spree on their website. And here's an unsolicited plug for them (seriously, it's not like it will help me win)- they. Have. Gorgeous. Lighting. And furniture. And accessories. AND their prices are reasonable, too! We recently replaced our old, decrepit, 80s-not-in-a-good-way kitchen island light with an amazing (and reasonably priced) purchase from them (pictured below)...which is how I found about about their contest!

Please help a gal on a budget win this one, okay? Then I can replace the scary rusted clanky ceiling fans on our back deck! 


Sweet Home

PS- and after you vote, do me a favor and tell me which blog name is in the lead? It only shows that info right after you vote, and the suspense is killing me!

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